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Estate Planning

Are you counting down the days until retirement? Whether it’s daydreaming of living abroad, planning for travel adventures, or investing in employer sponsored retirement plans, planning for our retirement is a regular conversation. However, these conversations rarely involve plans for our estate during our lives and following our deaths. Estate planning is often viewed as for the uber-rich, but the reality is that everyone should have a plan for themselves, their loved ones, and their assets in the event that they’re not able to decide for themselves.

Let us help you craft your legacy -- one that respects your wishes and supports those most important to you, including your family, favorite charity or place of worship. 

Alongside an Estate Attorney, we can help you manage your affairs during your lifetime and beyond, to include: 

  • Will -- Regardless of your age or wealth, it is critically important to have an updated will which can specify your wishes for your distribution of your assets, estate administration, and most importantly for parents -- who will care for your minor children.  
  • Trust -- Establishing a trust requires an attorney and allows you to hold assets for one or more individuals with distribution terms established by you. 
  • Life Insurance -- While most employers offer life insurance plans, it is important to consider an individual plan that’s not directly tied to your salary or employment. These benefits are paid to your beneficiary and can help to provide economic stability for your family following your death.  
  • Gifts -- Gifts allow for the transfer of your assets or property during your lifetime to family, friends, or charitable organizations. We can assist you in creating a gifting strategy that maximizes your wishes and minimizes tax burdens. 
  • Tax exclusions -- a well-crafted Estate Plan can help to alleviate the tax burden for yourself and for your beneficiaries.